Monthly Archives: October 2012

A future friend for Marley

For those of you who don’t know, I have a 6-year old Labrador mix named Marley (who I named before the movie “Marley & Me” came out). She is a pretty funny dog who really just wants to love people all the time and is one of the best companions you could have. She also thinks that every dog is her friend so when I found this picture of a Saint Bernard puppy it made me want to get it. Unfortunately, until we move somewhere that is big enough for two full-grown dogs, Marley will just have to wait for her new best friend.

Marley                                                                                            St. Bernard Puppy

pear donuts

I have already made pumpkin donuts this season. I wanted to make something else that was still fall themed, and I found these apple doughnuts with caramel drizzle. But then, I took out all the things in the recipe name, and made pear donuts instead. I love a good pear, and it was torture for me to wait for the pear to be ripe, and then save it for the recipe. I tried to make them for breakfast, but I had bad timing, so I had to make them for dessert. They were so good fresh from the oven. I think they would make really good muffins too, since they weren’t too sweet.