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things that caught my eye/ twenty one


1. Fun summer project- a travel picnic blanket. 2. I am a huge sucker for weddings in the wilderness. 3. Free pattern for some cute shorts. 4. Dingbat fonts are cool. 5. Backpack with places to go.

Our hopes for the weekend include pie, a hike, and maybe the play in the park. I also need to find something to make with sage. Our sage plant is out of control.

things that caught my eye/ twenty


1. Such a pretty quilt. 2. Looks like something I could eat a lot of. 3. Not the coolest cooler, but still pretty cool. 4. Let’s watercolor paint pictures of our gardens this weekend. 5. Pretty diy leaf hair tie.

Its our first unplanned whole weekend at home in a while! We are going to clean off the grill and cook food with fire.  Hope you have a relaxing one!

things that caught my eye/ eighteen

Some things I found this week:

This week was a pretty good one. We had a bread and cheese dinner, I gave my first sewing lesson, we tidied and refreshed the yard a little, and spent a lovely evening with some friends. Let’s continue this good trend into the weekend, shall we?

Here is a picture of the baby garden. This was little over a month ago, pre-growth spurt, back when the tomatoes still fit in their cages.


weekend snaps

Couple of pictures from anniversary weekend.

1. Taking a walk through the flower field, and naming all the flowers we know.


2. Visits to all the small town Texas shops.


3. Dinner out of Johnny Appleseed’s hat with the most handsome guy in the world.


things that caught my eye/ seventeen

Some things I found this week:

I can’t really believe that we will be married a whole year on Sunday. We are gonna spend the weekend doing everything we like to do together. Y’all have a good one! And here’s a picture of a tiny strawberry we grew with love, sunshine, and water.


things that caught my eye/ sixteen

Some things I found this week:

We have been getting about 8 peas a day from our little patch. We have a million green tomatoes, so hopefully we will have a million ripe tomatoes soon. I’m also starting sewing on a new shirt. I’m trying a new kind of fabric, so cross your fingers that the sewing machine likes it.

garden peas