things that caught my eye/ nine

Some things I found this week:

My guy brought me a flower. He’s totes adorbs. This weekend, we are signed up to do some volunteering outside, and we probably have more yardwork of our own to do. I’m excited to get some veggies planted.

flower from the garden

things that caught my eye this week/ eight

The guy pointed out that these three only encounter each other in real life as team mascots.beaverlonghornlion

Some things I found this week:

Yesterday afternoon, it was humid and warm outside, and now this morning, it was chilly and windy. So who knows what the weekend will bring! The hope is to do lots of yardwork. Our rock path is almost finished, and then we can start on our garden plans.

things that caught my eye this week/ six

We were lucky to catch the skywriting last night for Pi day. We literally walked out the front door for our evening walk, and caught them in the act. It was pretty mesmerizing to watch.pi in the sky

Some things I found this week:

  • This bag would have been a perfect farmer’s market tote.
  • Love the idea of sourdough breakfast pizza. I can’t wait to try pizza dough with my starter!
  • I loved contests as a kid, and I definitely would have entered this one!
  • Even the in progress photos of this little project look gorgeous.
  • I finally finished up this book, and it was so interesting. It really got me thinking about fermenting foods, and how it has always been a part of our culture and diet, until more recently. The argument behind feeding our whole body, and all the little organisms that work to keep us healthy, makes a lot of sense. We are gonna try our hand at maybe some carrots, sauerkraut, or kimchi (for that Korean husband of mine), and this hot sauce recipe seemed fairly simple too!

The guy spent last weekend SXSW-ing 24×7, so we are excited to spend a couple days together. We have a rock path to finish, some garden beds to make, cookies to deliver to friends, and some vegetables to ferment. Busy busy busy!

things that caught my eye this week/ five


Some things I found this week:

This is one of those weekends where everybody in the world comes to Austin to be all Austin-y. So I am going to bunker down at the homestead, make some like biscuits or something, and watch every episode of Sherlock again. And since I know what is going to happen, maybe I won’t hyperventilate so much this time.

things that caught my eye this week/ four

oscar dresses

Some things I found this week:

We got A LOT of rocks delivered this week, so our weekend will involve carrying and artfully laying those rocks in the yard. And after a day of that, it will probably also involve frozen yogurt.

things that caught my eye this week/ three

My valentine roses were glorious, and only now starting to wilt a bit. I kinda like when the roses droop their heads and form perfect little ruffles.valentine roses

Some things I found this week:

I caught some sort of weird stomach bug yesterday, so I spent the day sipping water and watching Gossip Girl. And then I had to stop watching after a while, because I start to feel so anxious for the characters. But I’m feeling much better today, so I have a lot of work to catch up on!

things that caught my eye this week/ two

Practicing some bird-related embroidery.birdtweet

Some things I found this week:

We are going on a date to the Lego movie today, and we’ll probably share some popcorn. Maybe his hand will brush up against mine. Our knees will touch in the dark. He’ll do that coughing, stretching, arm over my shoulder move. Then we’ll laugh at funny talking Legos. I can’t wait.

over the weekend

Our weekends are the best. This one included yardwork, bread making, and lots of laughing.

We were sitting on the back porch, staining pieces of wood for a project. The mosquitoes were eating us alive. We were talking about everything and nothing, and about how lucky we are to have each other. Sometimes I think about how we will someday look back on our newlywed days, and it will be the little moments like that we will remember.

weekend1 weekend2

over the weekend

I basically avoided almost all computers this weekend. It was nice. We spent the weekend watching football, eating, napping, and sewing/working. It was thunderstorming up a storm, so it made for a cozy weekend at home eating lots of banana bread.banana bread time

My one unpleasant task was cleaning out the pantry cupboard (the pantry moths have been upgraded to enemy number one status). But it did make me smile when I found all these cans of tuna fish. My guy sneaks one or two in the cart whenever we go grocery shopping, just in case. :)

tuna fish love

pin to table

Like farm to table, except it started as a pin… get it??

Here are some of my recipe pins that I am excited to try soon. Quinoa and blueberries for breakfast. Sweet and salty bagels. Shrimp and grits. Gluten-free almond coconut cookies. Let me know what you are cooking up this weekend!

recipetotry2 recipetotry3 recipetotry1 recipetotry4

PS: I just hit 2,000 pins this morning! How exciting for me!

Double PS: Isn’t it the worst when you see something, and it leads to nowhere? I assure you that all pins that I can remember have been tried and tested.


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