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weekend snaps

Couple from over the weekend.

1. It was rainy and drizzly for a lot of the weekend. But not too cold for flip flops.


2. I decided it could now be gingerbread season.


3. I crossed all my fingers and toes that the cake would come out of the pan.



things that caught my eye/ thirty


1. It recently occurred to me that I could try to sew a jacket. This one is so cool, but the pattern says its out of print… 2. Free pattern for crochet slippers to keep your feets cozy and warm! 3. You bet we are going to send our Christmas cards with Batman stamps this year. 4. These spider donuts make me chuckle. 5. The articles about what people eat in different countries are always fascinating to me.

We got some movies to watch, plants to water, a football team to cheer on, and books to read this weekend. Hope you have a good one!

things that caught my eye/ twenty-nine


1. A list of beautiful illustrated children’s books. 2. I would wear that outfit everyday. 3. You must look at the rest of these granny square outfits. I’ve been working on a top secret crochet project, but it is nothing like those. 4. Cute fall spritz cookies! 5. Crochet and leather purse you could whip up in no time.

Its already the last weekend in September! Our front yard is enjoying what we are calling second spring. You can see all the new growth and flowers coming out. It finally dried off enough to mow the grass yesterday, and we hope to start a little backyard landscaping soon. Sage bushes everywhere!

(long) weekend snaps

We took a holiday to celebrate a wonderful guy’s birthday yesterday. A couple from our eventful weekend.

We had to go to the mall for the first time in forever, and we were pretty excited!

weekend9.23.1 copy

Just as we parked at the grocery store, it started to pour. Good thing we stopped at the bookstore beforehand!


Birthday waffles! Followed by a birthday latte, birthday bbq, birthday pizza, and birthday cake.