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things that caught my eye/ twenty-eight


1. Its someone’s birthday soon, and birthdays deserve treats. 2. This lunch bag pattern is perfect. 3. Such a pretty clutch, plus I like knowing the money is going to good use. 4. House slippers, and they are made with SALMON leather. 5. I didn’t realize you could crochet this pattern, but now that I do know, I can’t unknow it.

We have to go to the mall this weekend. The mall! When is the last time we went to the mall. Its very exciting, and I’m listening to J. Lo circa 2001 to prepare for the Orange Julius and chinese food. Its also my most favorite guy’s birthday, so there will be cake baking and movies and popcorn. Have a lovely one!

things that caught my eye/ twenty-seven


The “hoping for cooler weather” edition. 1. Wouldn’t these be the perfect breakfast treat on a cloudy morning? 2. I love that braids can be messy and put-together at the same time. 3. Gorgeous hat to make. Couldn’t even begin to imagine how to make that twisted looking part. 4. I’m thinking that I could make a version of this shirt, once I find the right fabric and learn how to make the piping part. 5. How does a short sleeve sweatshirt look so classy?

How was your week? I felt like I got a lot done, and I was even able to garden a little one morning. We don’t have much planned out for the weekend, but we always manage to think of something!

things that caught my eye/ twenty-six


1. Oatmeal cookie granola sounds like a treat. 2. I still haven’t learned how to knit. The dual tools worry me. But these socks are beautiful. 3. Great fabric choice for this simple zip pouch. 4. My standard answer when people call me on the phone. 5. Have you played with Hyperlapse? I made this quick one, but I want to dedicate a day to filming a plant.

It finally rained yesterday! The plants are all water hungover today. We have a couple more birthday parties this weekend (everyone we know was born during this time of year), college football to watch, and some closets to clean. I have a bunch of new fall cards and gift tags in the shop, if you are in need of some simple weekend crafts!

things that caught my eye/ twenty five


1. Prettiest tomatoes, and other collections. 2. I still love these posts because I am nosy, and for the illustrations. 3. Also love these scribbly type illustrations. 4. A gold dodo bird piñata for every occasion. 5. I would like to make a pair of shoes someday. What a cool skill to have.

Are y’all excited for the long weekend? College football is also returning, which is like a whole holiday on its own here. Our weekend will probably include bbq, lots of football, naps, and we have plans to make a pie, though we can’t decide on what kind. Have a safe one!