apple time

Ya know how apple pie is really delicious? I could probably eat apple pie every day. But sometimes, you have no apple pie.

For a night snack when we have no apple pie, we cut apples into chunks, and add in some cinnamon and sugar. Basically apple pie filling. So simple and so good.

apple time

pumpkin seeds: two ways

We decided to toast up some pumpkin seeds the other day as a snack.

The first kind we made was sweet and spicy from this recipe here. We left out the extra sugar at the end, and just sprinkled them with a little salt, and scout’s honor, they tasted just like kettle corn. It was like pumpkin seed crack.

The second kind was just the classic: little oil, salt, and pepper. Simple goodness.

Naked seeds get some sugar or salt clothes.

Thanksgiving means more pumpkins, and that means more pumpkin seeds that will need to be eaten. Oh darn.

jack o lantern cookies

I have been waiting almost a whole year to use these cookie cutters. After seeing all their little faces, it was definitely worth the wait.

pie time?

I have been craving pie lately. Good homemade pie. But I have decided to not eat much sugar this week, so maybe pie time will come next week. (photo from hello giggles)



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