new in the shop: bunnies and sheep

Some more spring stuffed animals! Lots of bunnies and sheep just in time to see all the flowers start to bloom. Find them in the shop!

minteasterbunny5 whitebunny3 bluesheep5 purplesheep4

new in the shop: yellow chick

The leaves have appeared on the trees overnight, so I think spring is finally here! I have been working up a storm on a million spring stuffed animals. You can find this little spring chicken in the shop now!


new in the shop: little lion

A yellow lion with a luscious grey mane is in the shop now! He has a fancy yellow and grey pattern on his back. They look like leaves to me, but the lion would probably be happier if they were antelopes or something. Maybe next time, buddy.

yellow lion little amaryllis 

new in the shop: cows

A pair of cute cows are new in the shop this week! Farm animals are the best. I drew these out a few months ago, so I’m glad they could finally come to life. Really enjoy the black and white cow’s nose bling.


new in the shop: panda and mouse

Some new animal friends for ya! A shy little panda, and a curious mouse. I love the grey and pink combo of the mouse for Valentine’s! Find them both in the shop!


new in the shop: bunny and penguin

A couple bright new friends in the shop this week! A purple bunny, and a blue penguin.purplebunny2penguin2

I have a couple brand new animals coming in the next couple days, too!

couple of new faces

Finished up this rowdy crew yesterday. You can find them in the shop now!yellowmonkeyblog blackraccoonblog blueowlblog striped fox blog

recently working on

I am lucky to enjoy a little extra time lately, so my sewing machine and I have been catching owlstripe foxyellow monkey

All these guys will probably end up in the shop, unless someone snatches them up first!

mint green raccoon

It looks like he is trying to hide those strawberry candies for himself. I don’t blame him. They are my favorite too. Find him new in my shop this week.


cat bat

The cat bat pattern is my favorite in the pumpkin carving book. I carved it last year, and the year before, and I’ll probably use it again this year. Because I like it, and its fun to say cat bat.

Since it might be too early to carve a pumpkin yet, I made a fleece version of cat bat to grace our table for the season. And also scare all bat2

Cat bat is a very simple little creation, so I made up a (very basic) pattern you can find here. Make your own!!! You can add a little face, or fangs, or fancy wing designs. I added a tail to mine. Because he is a cat, who is also a bat. Not the other way around. Possible cat bat configurations are bat

So spooky….oooOOOOOoooooOOOOOoooocat bat 3

And if you are looking for more Halloween stuffed animals, be sure to take a look at some new additions in my shop!


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