carving time

Last night was pumpkin carving night. Gotta make those gourds festive. We ate many pre-halloween treats. I carved a baby pumpkin. The guy modeled his costume. Overalls are the coolest, and also, muscles.jack1 jack2

cookie o lanterns

Carved up some jack o lantern cookies this morning, so we can munch on them while we carve real pumpkins. Gingerbread cookies this time. I made sugar cookie versions last year. Halloween is fun. You don’t get to carve gourds on any old holiday.

jackolantern cookies

halloween candy

We are doing our part of being young homeowners by planning on staying home on Halloween, and being available to hand out candy to the little ones. I feel like its our duty. Without us and grandparents, there would be no one at the doorbells to provide the treats.

The side effect of this is all the chocolate we bought, and how to not eat it all beforehand. I think that is the trick portion of the holiday.pumpkin pattern

Also been up to some sewing treats. I have such a hard time keeping surprises.

pumpkin season again

I love me some pumpkins. All shapes and sizes. Most especially the ones that seem to be the last ones in the pile. Nothing tugs at my heartstrings more than a lonely pumpkin.

I am all out of pumpkin bracelets at the moment, but tis the season, so I might have to make some more!pumpkinbracelet

lots of thanks to give

I am not sure which I like more- the actual food, or the memories made while preparing it.

Definitely the memories.


pumpkin seeds: two ways

We decided to toast up some pumpkin seeds the other day as a snack.

The first kind we made was sweet and spicy from this recipe here. We left out the extra sugar at the end, and just sprinkled them with a little salt, and scout’s honor, they tasted just like kettle corn. It was like pumpkin seed crack.

The second kind was just the classic: little oil, salt, and pepper. Simple goodness.

Naked seeds get some sugar or salt clothes.

Thanksgiving means more pumpkins, and that means more pumpkin seeds that will need to be eaten. Oh darn.

headlines don’t sell papes

One of my most favorite movies ever is Newsies. I would watch it over and over again when I was younger, and I would probably do the same as an adult. I don’t know why I have never thought to be a Newsie for Halloween before. It seems like an obvious choice. Probably the hat was holding me back.

Here is a video of me attempting to throw newspapers in the air, a la a dance number. It is for my ma.

(Disclaimer: This is the first video I have ever attempted to make that isn’t photos, and I got really frustrated with it, so please forgive the extreme blurriness and overall poor quality.)

Also on Halloween, I made a pumpkin pie. With a real crust. Not the store bought kind.

Here is what newsie Chelsea thinks of pumpkin pie:

all hallows eve

The pumpkins are carved, so all we need now is the pumpkin pie! (and some candy of course.) We went with a bat theme this year: bat trio and a cat bat.

a pumpkin friend

My ma got me this little pumpkin pattern. I haven’t followed an actual pattern in a while. Patterns are such a science and art. I think the little pumpkin turned out really cute, and fits right in with the little gourd and candy arrangements. It is nice to come home to his smiling face.

the pumpkin king

We love the pumpkin garden outside of Whole Foods. So many different kinds of pumpkins to conquer. (Real pumpkin king here.)


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