made into a pie

The second group of spunky peaches were made into a pie. This pie was not without obstacles. Being 70% juice, the peaches started out by resisting their new pie occupation. But with careful preparation, and a prayer as we placed it in the oven, the peaches came together again, this time to make something that forever will remind me of summer.

peachpie2 peachpie1

my ma’s pie plate

You know how you have to have something just because your mom has it? I can’t possible make any more pies unless I have this pie plate.

pie plate

what feb 14 looks like

Flowers from my perma-valentine:flowers

Funny hearts:funny valentine

My always and forever:my valentine

Pie insights into my soul:apple pie heart

talking foods

I like it best when my desserts talk to me. (cake, pie)

conversation heart cake talking pie

little heart pies

I found these little heart pies on sticks the other day. Does putting paper sticks in the oven scare anyone else? The guy was out of town this week, and I didn’t really feel like catching on fire while he was gone, so I decided to go stick-less with my version.

I followed the basic idea of the link. Pie crust cut into hearts. I used the jam filling from when I made these. I really think good pie dough baked with anything tastes like heaven. Next time, I think I will try rolling out the pie dough even thinner, and trying to use more filling. Maybe even an apple or pecan pie filling… I love that these are portable little pies. Its like I can take them everywhere with me.

heart pies1 heart pies2

tiny pies

My ma gave me a fun mini pie pan (like this kind) for a gift. Because I like pie and tiny things. We made some tiny apple pies to test it out while I was home.

They turned out great! Plus, it was fun to say that we were eating half of a whole pie. But I will definitely make the top crust a little larger than the cutter next time, since I like a more robust pie.

I could see these being a cute dessert choice at the wedding! Who wouldn’t drop dead at the sight of a big plate of tiny pies??!!

tiny pietiny pie2tiny pie1

my first pecan pie

My reasons for making a pie were threefold:

  1. We just got engaged, so we can do whatever we want.
  2. My fiance’s favorite kind of pie is pecan pie, and I need to learn how to make one for him.
  3. I have been having trouble with my pie crusts, and after watching the master make turkey day pies, I really thought I could conquer the crust.

I wish I could say that it was equal part all those reasons, but I won’t lie. It was mostly because I wanted to make a perfect pie crust.

pie crust 1pie crust 2pie crust 3

I know. I could weep with joy. It turned out exactly right. The pecan part of the pie wasn’t too shabby either.pecan pie

dec 1

How wonderful December begins on a weekend? My fiance (!!) and I will be setting up our tree and making some ornaments. I am also planning on making a pie, that I will force on everyone that comes to visit us. Visitors beware!

Pie decoration

Photo here.

a new kind of pie

I am not super adventurous with pies. I like the apple/peach variety. Pumpkin of course. Lemon meringue, but without the meringue part. Just the basics.

A friend suggested a strawberry rhubarb pie. I have never tried one. I am not really even sure what rhubarb is, but I do know that the leaves are poisonous (thank you, Martha Stewart). Rhubarb to me equals pink celery.

But guess what? Strawberry rhubarb pies are yummy. Just the right amount of not too sweet. If you are still in need of a Thanksgiving dessert, and for some reason don’t want to go classic, I would recommend this delicious strawberry/pink celery combo. (I used this recipe from smitten kitchen.)

headlines don’t sell papes

One of my most favorite movies ever is Newsies. I would watch it over and over again when I was younger, and I would probably do the same as an adult. I don’t know why I have never thought to be a Newsie for Halloween before. It seems like an obvious choice. Probably the hat was holding me back.

Here is a video of me attempting to throw newspapers in the air, a la a dance number. It is for my ma.

(Disclaimer: This is the first video I have ever attempted to make that isn’t photos, and I got really frustrated with it, so please forgive the extreme blurriness and overall poor quality.)

Also on Halloween, I made a pumpkin pie. With a real crust. Not the store bought kind.

Here is what newsie Chelsea thinks of pumpkin pie:


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