fabric napkins

I started making some fabric napkins while my quilt fabric was in the wash the other week. I always think that we use too many paper towels, so I hope that having a whole bunch of fabric napkins on the table will help. Also, there is the pretty factor!

I originally wanted to do a running stitch along the edge (like these beauties), but a zig zag stitch added a nice bit of flare. I made a teeny tiny hem, so I think it will hold in place a little better this way.

fabricnapkins1 fabricnapkins2

So far, they are holding up well after going through the wash, and they add some pretty color to the table!


faux spring break

It’s always nice to spend a couple days back home. My vacation went by really fast, but we managed to make two kinds of pie, muffins, cake, cookies, crochet flowers, a doll, and some quilt pieces. We are pretty busy bees.

One of my very favorite things: my ma’s coffee cake.coffee cake

We were working to make these flowers into a garland. It will be adorable when its done.crochet flowers

st patrick’s day

We had a pretty simple St Patrick’s Day. It will be fun someday to plan out green pancakes, and watch for Leprechauns. For now, we made enchiladas for dinner, and went on a long evening walk. We also have fresh, clean sheets on the bed, so if that doesn’t say holiday, I don’t know what does.green and yellow flowers

new in the shop: moon and stars clock

I am really pleased with how this new idea turned out. The stars hanging down kill me. Find it here in the shop!moonclock

warming the house

We finally had a little housewarming party. I spent a couple days organizing, emptying out those last boxes, and making a list of those little things we have been meaning to get. Even though it was a bit of work to get everything fully presentable, now every room in the house has reached ultimate cozy level, so we are pretty stoked about that.

In addition to cleaning, I made some cookies for the party. Just a couple.cookieparty1

It was basically the cookie wonderland I have always dreamed of.cookieparty2

tiny house

I thought it might be fun to commemorate our first home in tiny replica form. It is the house we bought together, and our first home where we share the same last name, so I imagine it will always have a very special place in our hearts.

Its not quite done, but I should finish it up this week! Its gonna be super awesome.house

fine husband craftsmanship

Along with being my best friend, my guy is also my tech support and carpenter. He recently crafted us some matching nightstands. I am really happy with how they turned out! We are still doing some rearranging of nightstand items, and finding the right spot for all the things, but boy do those nightstands look good.

We used this tutorial here. If you are thinking about trying it, we think the measurements of the wood are incorrect, and they used 1x8x8 pieces of wood, not 2x8x8. So keep that in mind when buying wood and nails. Other than that, they were pretty easy to put together!

nightstands1 nightstands2

over the weekend

Our weekends are the best. This one included yardwork, bread making, and lots of laughing.

We were sitting on the back porch, staining pieces of wood for a project. The mosquitoes were eating us alive. We were talking about everything and nothing, and about how lucky we are to have each other. Sometimes I think about how we will someday look back on our newlywed days, and it will be the little moments like that we will remember.

weekend1 weekend2


I like to imagine that my plants are happy to see me when I come home from work. Inside, they are like little puppies wagging their tails because I am, finally, home. We also have a silly puppy that does that, but I know the plants feel that way too. We are getting quite the collection of little green guys placed randomly throughout the house.

plants2 plants


Our bathroom in the new house was not my favorite. It literally has almost no place to put anything. The mirror is way too high on the wall, and I can only see half my face in it. It kind of needs more work, but we decided to do what we can to make it better for the time being.

And now it is like our favorite room in the house! We hung a little wall shelf with some plants. We hung a mirror ON TOP of the mirror, so I can see my own face. We added another shelf for storage with some baskets. And then we hung hooks for our towels behind the door, and added a collection of hand towels to the rack instead. Its so much brighter and happier in there now!

upgrade2 upgrade3 upgrade


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