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inside office projects

I spent last week working in our outside office aka I did a lot of yardwork. The beginning of this week has been a bit warmer, and since the outside office doesn’t have air conditioning, I’ve been working inside so far this week.

I made croutons with some leftover sourdough bread. So good I have to resist eating bread cubes as a snack all day.


Working on a braided rug made of scraps of fabric from our wedding.


I made biscuits! I want to be a person that makes really good biscuits, and my guy makes the gravy to go on top. We are a good team.


Sometimes, you just want rice krispie treats. We like them a tiny bit stale, when the krispies are extra crispy.


And these flowers are in our neighborhood. The lady has the most beautiful wildflower garden. This is just the side of her yard, spilling out from around the fence. I want to write her a note and tape it to her door.


fabric napkins

I started making some fabric napkins while my quilt fabric was in the wash the other week. I always think that we use too many paper towels, so I hope that having a whole bunch of fabric napkins on the table will help. Also, there is the pretty factor!

I originally wanted to do a running stitch along the edge (like these beauties), but a zig zag stitch added a nice bit of flare. I made a teeny tiny hem, so I think it will hold in place a little better this way.

fabricnapkins1 fabricnapkins2

So far, they are holding up well after going through the wash, and they add some pretty color to the table!


faux spring break

It’s always nice to spend a couple days back home. My vacation went by really fast, but we managed to make two kinds of pie, muffins, cake, cookies, crochet flowers, a doll, and some quilt pieces. We are pretty busy bees.

One of my very favorite things: my ma’s coffee cake.coffee cake

We were working to make these flowers into a garland. It will be adorable when its done.crochet flowers

st patrick’s day

We had a pretty simple St Patrick’s Day. It will be fun someday to plan out green pancakes, and watch for Leprechauns. For now, we made enchiladas for dinner, and went on a long evening walk. We also have fresh, clean sheets on the bed, so if that doesn’t say holiday, I don’t know what does.green and yellow flowers