cookie o lanterns

Carved up some jack o lantern cookies this morning, so we can munch on them while we carve real pumpkins. Gingerbread cookies this time. I made sugar cookie versions last year. Halloween is fun. You don’t get to carve gourds on any old holiday.

jackolantern cookies

christmas candy

For our Christmas goody bags this year, we went with a selection of candy. I have only made a couple kinds of candy before, so it was fun to experiment. Secret: candy making really isn’t all that hard.

We made gingerbread caramels (on which I burned my thumb very badly…). It was so satisfying to wrap the little squares in parchment.caramel

We made gingerbread cookie ornaments (not candy, but still in our goody bags). I actually had to put a label that said the cookie was for your tree, not your mouth. But, despite the presence of a piece of ribbon going through a hole in its head, people still ate it!gingerbread man

We made sweet and spicy peanut brittle, which turned out really delicious.peanut brittle

And we made candied citrus peels, because we are engaged now, and these seem more grown-up and fancy.candied citrus

the great whoopie pie experiment

I received some lovely whoopie pie pans for my birthday. I had super grand plans for some holiday whoopie pies. I wanted to make these chocolate ones, but rolled in gold sprinkles, and these gingerbread ones, with the crushed peppermints. In my head, they were going to be beautiful.

Instead, the tiny whoopie pies baked to look like tiny muffins, I had to cut the tops off to make them look right, and I got frustrated and filled them with some leftover frosting instead. Not quite what I had in my head…

whoopie pie 1 whoopie pie 2 whoopie pie 3

But after all that, its kind of hard to mess up a cookie/frosting sandwich. Tasty mistakes.

halloween cookie time

I can always rationalize a reason to make cookies. Especially gingerbread cookies. These ones were shaped like pumpkins, owls, bats, ghosts, coffins, bear cubs, and porcupines.


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