tiny house

I thought it might be fun to commemorate our first home in tiny replica form. It is the house we bought together, and our first home where we share the same last name, so I imagine it will always have a very special place in our hearts.

Its not quite done, but I should finish it up this week! Its gonna be super awesome.house

little surprises

We put together little “thank you” surprise boxes for our family and friends. While they might not be full of gold, I put a lot of love inside. (Hint: They are full of treats. Love for your belly.) The guy reminds me that sometimes, it really is the thought that counts.

surprises2 surprises

pocket square perfection

I have been searching for pocket squares for weeks. I knew I wanted a variety of patterns. I knew I was going to sew a little something on them. I found these squares at Hugh & Crye. I really liked the fun patterns, and the great price, so I snatched up a bunch of them.

I wanted to make them a gift for the men in the wedding. I cut out some little hearts, and sewed them into the corner of each square. What was once just a pocket square is now a special gift, because I put a little heart into it. (get it??)

pocketsquare2 pocketsquare3 pocketsquare

cows on cards

It was my dear Ma’s birthday last week. I like to make her blank note cards, and since there was just a new baby cow born on the farm, I made a bunch of little cow cards. The little gang of paper cows were very rowdy before I glued them to their cards. They were so adorable, I wanted to eat them.

cowtime4 cowtime3 cowtimecowtimerace

wrap it up

I just discovered the wonders of cute wrapping paper. I am kinda obsessed with these options from Paper Source.

I may or may not start giving away random presents just so I can use some.

wrap paper

red elephant

So this elephant isn’t red, but I made a red with tiny polka dots version the other day, and it was so cute! It would make a great last minute gift, if you would like me to make one for you! (wink wink)

Christmas Present #8

window shopping

When I first heard of Fab, I thought, oh great, another one of those sites that will send me 500 emails. But I was wrong. They are awesome. I get to see all kinds of products and designers I wouldn’t normally see. And they are cool. For instance, I probably wouldn’t have seen these beautiful prints if it weren’t for Fab:

Fab Rome

Cool vintage-style world prints.

Fab Austin

Fun and simple city prints, like this one of Austin.

Fab Culinary

Sweet collection of infographic style prints, like a map of culinary tools.

Christmas Present #4

I don’t know know how the girl does it, but she always knows what I need! For Christmas present #4 I was on the road on a work trip and I needed something to write with and right before I went to some gift shop to buy some, I got some super awesome fine tip pens! What a pleasant surprise.

What could it be?
Sweet pens!

Christmas Present #2

I have always been a bit jealous inside of this very soft and warm looking pair of socks that the girl has and wears around the house when it’s cold outside….but I am jealous no more! For surprise #2 I got a pair of moose socks that I’ve already started wearing around the house. Happy days!

Moose socks…you know you want a pair.


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