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pocket square perfection

I have been searching for pocket squares for weeks. I knew I wanted a variety of patterns. I knew I was going to sew a little something on them. I found these squares at Hugh & Crye. I really liked the fun patterns, and the great price, so I snatched up a bunch of them.

I wanted to make them a gift for the men in the wedding. I cut out some little hearts, and sewed them into the corner of each square. What was once just a pocket square is now a special gift, because I put a little heart into it. (get it??)

pocketsquare2 pocketsquare3 pocketsquare

Christmas Present #8

window shopping

When I first heard of Fab, I thought, oh great, another one of those sites that will send me 500 emails. But I was wrong. They are awesome. I get to see all kinds of products and designers I wouldn’t normally see. And they are cool. For instance, I probably wouldn’t have seen these beautiful prints if it weren’t for Fab:

Fab Rome

Cool vintage-style world prints.

Fab Austin

Fun and simple city prints, like this one of Austin.

Fab Culinary

Sweet collection of infographic style prints, like a map of culinary tools.

Christmas Present #4

I don’t know know how the girl does it, but she always knows what I need! For Christmas present #4 I was on the road on a work trip and I needed something to write with and right before I went to some gift shop to buy some, I got some super awesome fine tip pens! What a pleasant surprise.

What could it be?
Sweet pens!

Christmas Present #2

I have always been a bit jealous inside of this very soft and warm looking pair of socks that the girl has and wears around the house when it’s cold outside….but I am jealous no more! For surprise #2 I got a pair of moose socks that I’ve already started wearing around the house. Happy days!

Moose socks…you know you want a pair.