Home for the holidays with Marley

It never fails, within five minutes of being home at my parent’s house Marley finds the best seat in the house and makes herself comfortable. Crazy dog.


Dog vs. Doorstop

This might be one of the best videos ever. I think my favorite part is at the :40 second mark when he starts getting scared of it. 

the halloweekend

Spending the weekend before Halloween eating treats and watching movies with my boy. (card from here)

Cards against humanity

A couple of weeks ago, a colleague at work sent around an agency announcement that he had a game that he would be giving away to whoever could submit the best one-liner that was for “the most horrible thing you could say to new mom Snooki.” That game that he was giving away was Cards Against Humanity. I had heard of this game before from The Girl but this was the second time that I had heard about it so I had to look it up and it is pretty hilarious, completely inappropriate, but definitely hilarious.  Even the combination that showed up on their website for me when I went to check it out was pretty bad and funny all at the same time.

For those of you that were curious, the winning one-liner came from one of my own team members – “Congratulations on having the first baby ever to be born with multiple STDs.”

If you give a mouse a cookie…

…he might ask for a cup of milk!


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