new in the shop: guitar cards

For some reason lately, I feel like I could learn to play the guitar. I am pretty terrible at most musical things, so I could be completely wrong here. But I know you can get 1/2 sized guitars, which would be good for me. And I am fairly good at memorizing patterns, so I feel like it is something I could learn. I just think it would be fun to sit in the backyard in the evening and play the guitar (provided someone tunes it for me). So some of my proceeds from my shops will be going into my future guitar fund.

In honor of my recent google search history, a guitar card is new in the shop this week!guitar

new in the shop: flower jar tags

If I was still in wedding planning mode, I totally would make a bunch of these for favors or escort cards or something. They just look so happy. Find them in the shop now!


new in the shop: flower girls

These cards blend my love of drawing with my inner hair stylist. I really enjoyed using the different stitches to make the hair textures. Find them now in the shop!


Now I just need to find a flower crown that I can wear around all day.

chocolate chip and cherry cookies

If I am in the middle of a project, and it isn’t going well, I have a tendency to jump into a pit of despair pretty quickly. Yesterday I was on the edge of that pit, but then I thought to myself: hey, you are still good at making cookies. So make cookies is what I did.

Chocolate and cherry is a good combo for Valentine’s day, since cherries are red and feel more festive. I loosely followed this recipe, and without the annoying chilling the dough overnight part. These would be the kind of cookie you could package up and give out for happy heart day presents.cherrychocolatecookie2 

The cherry heart gift tags are a new creation of mine. You can find the kits in my shop!

happy new year cards

According to the internet, we were probably supposed to get some adorable professional photos taken for Christmas for our newlywed year. And then we were supposed to send out a sweet holiday card to everyone that would arrive the week before. But instead, we spent the most of December attending parties, and then skipped town. No regrets.

But I do love a good Christmas card. And I know that I can only use wedding photos for so long before other people get tired of them. Solution: happy new year cards


I made them in similar style to our wedding invites, and used one of my favorite photos from our wedding. I love them, so I hope our family is happy to see them in the mail soon! I will have a slightly similar pattern of card available in my etsy shop soon!newyearcard3 newyearcard

new in the shop: cactus cards

In the midst of the cold winter, let the cute cactus cards remind you that the sun is coming! A set of 3 cactus cards is new in the shop this week. A quick, fun craft for chilly evenings.cactuscard1 cactuscard2

a time for giving

Tis the season for giving! Through Monday Dec 1 at midnight Central, you can order a set of 10 holiday cards or gift tags in the shop, and I’ll send a dozen instead! Simply order a holiday item, and get a couple extra cards included for free!

plaidheart4 gifttag4mitten2  snowflake2

famous for a day

Check out Etsy’s blog today! My snowflake card is one of the Editor’s picks for holiday crafts and kits!snowflake1

finally official

If I had a million of these, it still wouldn’t be enough. You grow up seeing these on the walls of houses, and now that we have one, I feel like we can finally officially be married forever. Embroidery don’t lie.awesome

new adventure

After getting quite a few compliments on our wedding invitations, I decided to start up a little shop to sell a few designs. I made a couple to start, and am working on making some DIY kits, too!chevron invite.2 crossstitch heart 4


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