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the season of christmas cookies

I have the best memories of baking with my ma at all times of the year, but holiday baking is always special. There is just something about a big plate of beautiful cookies at Christmas that bring out the warm fuzzies.


If you are in the market for some cookie recipes, check out my list of 100 cookie recipes here. Now that I am looking through the list, I might make a batch of these animal cookies to give to the little ones I babysit.

animal cookies

the great whoopie pie experiment

I received some lovely whoopie pie pans for my birthday. I had super grand plans for some holiday whoopie pies. I wanted to make these chocolate ones, but rolled in gold sprinkles, and these gingerbread ones, with the crushed peppermints. In my head, they were going to be beautiful.

Instead, the tiny whoopie pies baked to look like tiny muffins, I had to cut the tops off to make them look right, and I got frustrated and filled them with some leftover frosting instead. Not quite what I had in my head…

whoopie pie 1 whoopie pie 2 whoopie pie 3

But after all that, its kind of hard to mess up a cookie/frosting sandwich. Tasty mistakes.

my first pecan pie

My reasons for making a pie were threefold:

  1. We just got engaged, so we can do whatever we want.
  2. My fiance’s favorite kind of pie is pecan pie, and I need to learn how to make one for him.
  3. I have been having trouble with my pie crusts, and after watching the master make turkey day pies, I really thought I could conquer the crust.

I wish I could say that it was equal part all those reasons, but I won’t lie. It was mostly because I wanted to make a perfect pie crust.

pie crust 1pie crust 2pie crust 3

I know. I could weep with joy. It turned out exactly right. The pecan part of the pie wasn’t too shabby either.pecan pie

little turkeys

Pre-Thanksgiving preparations at our house include baking cookies. The turkey cookie cutter waits all year for this moment to shine.

Instead of doing different colors of frosting for the turkey tail, we smashed some candy corns flat, and used them as tail feather decoration. What beautiful little turkeys. Happy Thanksgiving!

a new kind of pie

I am not super adventurous with pies. I like the apple/peach variety. Pumpkin of course. Lemon meringue, but without the meringue part. Just the basics.

A friend suggested a strawberry rhubarb pie. I have never tried one. I am not really even sure what rhubarb is, but I do know that the leaves are poisonous (thank you, Martha Stewart). Rhubarb to me equals pink celery.

But guess what? Strawberry rhubarb pies are yummy. Just the right amount of not too sweet. If you are still in need of a Thanksgiving dessert, and for some reason don’t want to go classic, I would recommend this delicious strawberry/pink celery combo. (I used this recipe from smitten kitchen.)

Concept diet: Insta-diet

Rules: You have to take a picture of everything you ever eat.

Theory: Inconvenience of taking a photo of everything you consume, and also, the shame of documenting things you shouldn’t have eaten, will deter you from straying from a healthy diet.

What we ate today:


Girl: Smoothie and egg, tea, My Fit Foods steak tacos, afternoon coffee drink, green peppers, lots of water and salami, mini pizza with lots of veggies, and half a cookie. Didn’t eat due to not having a camera or not wanting to admit that you ate it: Dried fruit and a cookie

Guy: Smoothie, breakfast kolache, wing, grilled chicken sandwich, iced tea, coffee, coffee, pizza and half a cookie. Didn’t eat: butterscotch candy