I was a stuffed animal making machine this week. A bunch of bright springy animals are off to new homes, and I get to take a little Easter break. Pretty soon it will be time to start on the summer animals!

stuffedanimals1 stuffedanimals2 stuffedanimals3 stuffedanimals4

a flower afghan

This blanket was a special present for my Ma, who likes black-eyed susans (which is a super awesome name for a flower).flowerblanket

I have a couple more crochet projects in mind, but I might start a little scrap granny square quilt too, to use up some of my leftover bits.

treats and craftin’

Some recently made things around here: old-fashioned oatmeal cookies, a clock that will always tell the guy that its time to come home, m&m bars ready to be eaten, and a funny new animal.

recentlymade2 recentlymade3 recentlymade1 recentlymade4

new in the shop: flower girls

These cards blend my love of drawing with my inner hair stylist. I really enjoyed using the different stitches to make the hair textures. Find them now in the shop!


Now I just need to find a flower crown that I can wear around all day.

so clutch

I whipped up this trio of clutches right before Christmas, and they made perfect little gifts. Especially if you put a couple extra fun things inside each one. The fruit one went to my sister, along with an apple pie plate. Because I am clever like that.

I used this pattern here (for free!), and they came together really fast. I might make up a couple more with some extra fabric, to have on hand in case I am in a giving mood!envelopepurse1 envelopepurse2 envelopepurse3

gettin cozy

Erybody in the house gettin cozy.

This baker’s twine.gettingcozy1

This amazing swordfish button.gettingcozy2

gettin all christmasy up in here

We decided on (impulse bought) a tiny real tree this year. You can’t beat that Christmas tree smell. We used our plaid fabric ornaments and some gingerbread men to decorate it. christmas tree

Since the tree was just a little guy, we had some extra lights left over, so we put them around the house. The lighting makes the house look so cozy.

I also just finished up this cross stitch. Gotta have those festive dish towels.gb-man crossstitch

couple of new faces

Finished up this rowdy crew yesterday. You can find them in the shop now!yellowmonkeyblog blackraccoonblog blueowlblog striped fox blog

my first scarf

Ta-da! My first crocheted scarf. It turned out pretty stellar, if I may compliment myself. I would totally be wearing it right now if it wasn’t reminiscent of a warm spring day outside.crochetscarf

I am not, by any definition of the word expert, an expert crocheter. But my ma helped me out semi-following these directions, and I got some help from this youtube lady here. After just a couple minutes of watching, I was crocheting so much faster than her (if you watch the video, this would be a joke).

It only took about an evening to make, so scarves for everyone!crochetscarf2

famous for a day

Check out Etsy’s blog today! My snowflake card is one of the Editor’s picks for holiday crafts and kits!snowflake1


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