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easter shortbread

I love shortbread. Its simple. Its good. And in our opinion, it tastes better when its a couple days old, so its the perfect make ahead cookie. I also love decorating them, since you have to get creative. Any utensil is fair game for making designs.

For the Easter version of shortbread, we made sheep, bunny, and tulip shapes. I LOVE the sheeps. SO FLUFFY.

eastershortbread3eastershortbread2 eastershortbread1

chocolate chip and cherry cookies

If I am in the middle of a project, and it isn’t going well, I have a tendency to jump into a pit of despair pretty quickly. Yesterday I was on the edge of that pit, but then I thought to myself: hey, you are still good at making cookies. So make cookies is what I did.

Chocolate and cherry is a good combo for Valentine’s day, since cherries are red and feel more festive. I loosely followed this recipe, and without the annoying chilling the dough overnight part. These would be the kind of cookie you could package up and give out for happy heart day presents.cherrychocolatecookie2 

The cherry heart gift tags are a new creation of mine. You can find the kits in my shop!

home for the holidays

We’re baaack! We’ve been practically everywhere, since we took a road trip to the northwest for the holidays. And now there is a short week, which is the best. Every vacation should be followed by a short week. Mandatory.

We got lots of road trip pictures, but I wanted to record our holiday ones first. Christmas is good stuff. We had like 5 Christmases this year, and we loved every single one.christmas2014.1

It was basically cookie cookie cookie all day long.christmas2013.2 christmas2013.3 christmas2013.4

The tree was epic this year. So full and fluffy. Layers of ornaments. We almost had to start making more.christmas2013.5

christmas2013.6 christmas2013.7

Our first Christmas morning together. My best present.christmas2013.8

warming the house

We finally had a little housewarming party. I spent a couple days organizing, emptying out those last boxes, and making a list of those little things we have been meaning to get. Even though it was a bit of work to get everything fully presentable, now every room in the house has reached ultimate cozy level, so we are pretty stoked about that.

In addition to cleaning, I made some cookies for the party. Just a couple.cookieparty1

It was basically the cookie wonderland I have always dreamed of.cookieparty2

stop, its cookie time

We are planning a little cookie party this weekend. So far, I have a dozen recipes picked out, with a careful rationale behind the choice of each one. But I think making a dozen kinds of cookies seems a little crazy, right?

Here are a couple of things on my list (click photo or link to go to recipe): pecan biscotti (texture, crunch, pecans), peanut butter cookie (looks festive, also has no flour, so its good for the gluten-freers), peppermint marshmallows (not a cookie, but you have to put something in your hot chocolate), and chocolate chip (a cookie staple, thin and chewy)

biscotti peanut butter peppermint marsh choc chip

What is your go-to holiday cookie? I love collecting new recipes.

PS- I have a very comprehensive cookie pinboard here.

cookie bars

Holiday baking season is growing near, so its time to narrow down my cookie selections for gifts. I like to give a nice variety, even though I would personally die happy with a huge tray of just my ma’s gingerbread cookies.

I tried out a new bar cookie recipe over the weekend. Bar cookies are sometimes tricky for me, since I always worry they aren’t baked enough in the middle. I tried a basic blondie recipe, with some big dark chocolate chips, some mini regular chocolate chips, pecans, and coconut. I was too lazy to toast the pecans or coconut, but they were definitely a huge hit with my guinea pigs.cookie bars

butter pecan cookies

I finally changed my name on my drivers license. Crossing that off every to-do list I have made in the last 3 months.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I planned some baking time. Nothing warms up a house like morning baking. I made some butter pecan cookies. I know I have toasted pecans before, but I think I burned a couple. Shhhhh.


These cookies are like the ultimate in butter. They aren’t the prettiest, but they do taste warm and cozy.butterpecan

Side note: I always feel more awesome the more clothes I pile on. This is a tshirt, a sweatshirt, and a button-up on top. Layers for days. You can take a girl out of the Northwest, but you can’t take the Northwest out of a girl.somanyclothes

the cookie dough scoop

We were in Crate and Barrel looking for chairs, so obviously we walked through the kitchen section. And I saw a cookie scoop in real life, and somehow it made it back home with us. And then I had to make cookies to try it out. It was a very slippery slope.

I tried out these double chocolate cookies. So yes the cookies were delicious and kinda like brownies and everyone liked them, but do you see how perfectly uniform all the cookies are? Its like they belong in a tiny bakery window that should be in our kitchen. cookiescoop2cookiescoop1

my very own cookies

I’m not sure it technically counts, since I just modified an existing recipe, but I have been telling everyone who will listen that I made my own cookie recipe. I am very good at following recipes, but I am not always as good at knowing what will taste good together, and what ratio they should go together at. But I took my best guess, and they turned out so good! I used this recipe, did a couple minor tweaks, and subbed in some oatmeal for some flour, and added butterscotch chips for chocolate. It has actually been cooler, wetter weather around here, and something about butterscotch and oatmeal seemed appropriate for the season!butterscotch1 butterscotch2Have you ever made up your own recipe? I feel like I need to have at least a couple of my very own recipes, so I can pass them along when I am a grandma.