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happy new year cards

According to the internet, we were probably supposed to get some adorable professional photos taken for Christmas for our newlywed year. And then we were supposed to send out a sweet holiday card to everyone that would arrive the week before. But instead, we spent the most of December attending parties, and then skipped town. No regrets.

But I do love a good Christmas card. And I know that I can only use wedding photos for so long before other people get tired of them. Solution: happy new year cards


I made them in similar style to our wedding invites, and used one of my favorite photos from our wedding. I love them, so I hope our family is happy to see them in the mail soon! I will have a slightly similar pattern of card available in my etsy shop soon!newyearcard3 newyearcard

home for the holidays

We’re baaack! We’ve been practically everywhere, since we took a road trip to the northwest for the holidays. And now there is a short week, which is the best. Every vacation should be followed by a short week. Mandatory.

We got lots of road trip pictures, but I wanted to record our holiday ones first. Christmas is good stuff. We had like 5 Christmases this year, and we loved every single one.christmas2014.1

It was basically cookie cookie cookie all day long.christmas2013.2 christmas2013.3 christmas2013.4

The tree was epic this year. So full and fluffy. Layers of ornaments. We almost had to start making more.christmas2013.5

christmas2013.6 christmas2013.7

Our first Christmas morning together. My best present.christmas2013.8

time for mistletoe and holly

We went to the guy’s work party last night. So fun. Holiday parties always make me feel so festive. We listened to Christmas music while we got all dressed up. It was chilly outside, and we looked at Christmas lights on our way downtown. We took pictures of all the Christmas trees. It was just a really nice evening to celebrate and learn how to gamble with pretend money.

And I am also deeply happy that my date for every event for the rest of my life is so charming and handsome. christmasparty1 Screen shot 2013-12-13 at 6.42.29 AM

gettin all christmasy up in here

We decided on (impulse bought) a tiny real tree this year. You can’t beat that Christmas tree smell. We used our plaid fabric ornaments and some gingerbread men to decorate it. christmas tree

Since the tree was just a little guy, we had some extra lights left over, so we put them around the house. The lighting makes the house look so cozy.

I also just finished up this cross stitch. Gotta have those festive dish towels.gb-man crossstitch

holiday cards

I agree that it is a tiny bit earlier to start thinking about holidays, but good DIY projects need the proper planning! Handmade items are worth some extra effort, and are also a good way to spend these new dark evenings. After dinner it looks like bedtime now, so its either sleep, or keep my hands busy so my eyes don’t automatically shut.

I have some new holiday pattern cards in the shop. They are kits, so you can make the cards yourself! They come patterned and everything, so they are ready to go once you get them. Just stitch them up, add some names at the bottom, and you got yourself some fancy holiday greetings.wreathheart6snowflake6

Creating a cool heirloom

I have been very fortunate to have been able to spend some really great quality time with my family this holiday break. Christmas was really great this year and I have to admit that two of my favorite gifts were not even official presents! My mom and I were talking about watches and she mentioned that she had a few old watches from my grandpa that she thought I might like and I was all over them. The two that I liked the best are below. One is an old Timex that is really cool and the other is an old Bulova that was an anniversary gift for my grandpa when he was still working which makes both of them have a lot of sentimental value. I’m really excited to take these into a place to get them restored and fixed up a bit so I can start wearing them and then hopefully be able to start passing them down in the future…anyone know of a good place in Austin to take watches to?

2012-12-25 13.58.39

christmas cookie baking

In my house growing up, you got “fired” from certain jobs if you weren’t doing good work. I rarely got fired from anything, but I was promoted very quickly up the cookie making ranks. The cookie baking sessions at Christmas are always some of my most favorite times of the year.

Santa brought me a couple of new (and old) cookbooks, so I am looking forward to all the kitchen adventures soon to come in the new year!

xmas cookie1 xmas cookie2 xmas cookie2 xmas cookie3 xmas cookie4 xmas cookie5 xmas cookie6

pretty presents

We were happily surprised by the gift of falling snow on Christmas morning. We didn’t even check the weather forecast, so we were all smiles when we looked outside.

After exploring the snow a bit, I warmed up with hot chocolate and turned my attention to under that tree. Wrapped presents are so pretty underneath the tree. I have to admire each one before I open it, so they know that I think they are pretty. But I try to imagine that they are just bursting with excitement for me to open them, because they know I will be so happy with what is inside.

snow shoessnow scenepresent1 present2 present3 present4 present5