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chocolate almond cookies

Since I’ve been feeding this little guy around the clock, I have a never ending craving for cookies. I froze some chocolate chip cookie dough before he came, but I had a bit of time to whip up something different over the weekend. These flourless chocolate almond cookies turned out very good, and (comparatively) healthy too!

chocolate cookies

panda cookies

Are these not the most adorable cookies you have ever seen? I took a picture of these before they went in the oven just in case something terrible happened in there, but thank goodness, they came out looking just as good. And they are even fully edible! Although I don’t know how you could eat one, instead of just filling your pockets with them.

panda cookies 2 panda cookies 1

birthday treats

I like to show my love with baked goods. For our first birthday weekend of the season, we started with some fluffy biscuits for breakfast.


Next, we had some chocolate chip cookies for snacking.


And then we had our showstopper, a yellow cake with chocolate frosting.


And now we need to stock up on Halloween candy.