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chocolate peanut butter chip cookies

Sometimes I can have the strongest willpower ever. I can make dozens of cookies, and not eat even one (except for a bite of dough, for quality control purposes). Other times, I eat cookie dough by the spoonful, and its a miracle that there is anything left to bake. This was more of a lacking willpower moment, or, I was just providing really good quality control. But its chocolate and peanut butter, so I can’t really blame myself.


chocolate chip and cherry cookies

If I am in the middle of a project, and it isn’t going well, I have a tendency to jump into a pit of despair pretty quickly. Yesterday I was on the edge of that pit, but then I thought to myself: hey, you are still good at making cookies. So make cookies is what I did.

Chocolate and cherry is a good combo for Valentine’s day, since cherries are red and feel more festive. I loosely followed this recipe, and without the annoying chilling the dough overnight part. These would be the kind of cookie you could package up and give out for happy heart day presents.cherrychocolatecookie2 

The cherry heart gift tags are a new creation of mine. You can find the kits in my shop!

baked brown butter donuts

Donuts are really an instant crowd pleaser. They look super impressive.

These are brown butter baked donuts using this recipe. Instead of sprinkles, these guys enjoyed a sprinkling of mini chocolate chips atop their chocolate glaze. Show stoppers.chocolate frosted donut chocolate frosted donut 2 chocolate frosted donut 3

PS- I tried to save one of them in a plastic baggy, but it like absorbed the glaze and got all drippy looking. So don’t do that.


the cookie dough scoop

We were in Crate and Barrel looking for chairs, so obviously we walked through the kitchen section. And I saw a cookie scoop in real life, and somehow it made it back home with us. And then I had to make cookies to try it out. It was a very slippery slope.

I tried out these double chocolate cookies. So yes the cookies were delicious and kinda like brownies and everyone liked them, but do you see how perfectly uniform all the cookies are? Its like they belong in a tiny bakery window that should be in our kitchen. cookiescoop2cookiescoop1

cake with chocolate frosting

I think since cakes are mostly for special occasions, we don’t get a whole lot of chances to practice making them. Just a birthday every so often. Cakes are unlike cookies in this way, since you can make cookies just because you don’t have any. Cake is not a ever-replenishing resource.

This cake was all the way homemade, and the special occasion was that I was at home and we were almost out of pie. It is a peanut butter cake, with a thick chocolate cream filling, with a generous heaping of chocolate butter frosting on top. Betty Crocker does not mess around with chocolate frosting. I am not a huge frosting person, but I could eat that stuff right off the spatula.

chocolatefrosting chocolatefrosting2 chocolatefrosting3

granola bars

It is quite a shame that not all treats are easy to mail. I wish I knew how to send a pie in the mail. It would be the best feeling to know that someone is going to get your pie in the mail at any minute.

I needed a treat to send to all my wedding peeps, but it needed to not be melty, and to hold up for a couple days while it flies across the country. I decided on granola bars. Because they are like the universally eaten treat.granolabar4

I used this recipe here. It was pretty easy. Basically you mix stuff together.granolabar3

At this point, you resist the urge to crumble it all up and keep it for yourself.granolabar2

Chop em up into bars. I got somewhere between 40-50 bars that seemed perfect sized.granolabar1

I ended up dipping them in chocolate. To be fancy.granolabar5

I would make these again any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Because people consume more granola on Sunday than other days. I would try making them with some dried fruit and coconut, or mini marshmallows and tiny chocolate chips. Or just tiny m&m’s mixed in. Or just plain.

a flourless chocolate cake

When I looked for flourless chocolate cake recipes, I found two that caught my eye. Since I couldn’t decide which one would be better, I broke down and made them both. Sorry I’m not sorry.

I made this cake earlier in the week. Last night, I made this recipe. They both use the same basic ingredients, but this one uses some fluffy egg whites, so it has a more spongy, light texture, with a thin, crispy outer layer. Who could say no to that?

flourlesscake3 flourlesscake1 flourlesscake2

making a cake, and eating it too

One of my dear friends is celebrating Passover this week, and asked if I could make a chocolate torte. I have never made a chocolate torte, but I was excited to try! I was a little bit nervous about putting so many eggs, and no flour, into the batter   (and I accidentally cracked the cake down the middle flipping it out of the pan). But it turned out really good! Kinda like a brownie cake!

It was eaten very quickly, so this was the only terrible picture I took of it. We ate ours cold, in really thin slices, with a little fresh whipped cream and strawberries.

chocolate cake 2

And I imagine that if I would have taken food styling classes and made this in daylight, the picture would look something like this:

chocolate cake

You can find the recipe here. Try it!

getting crazy in the kitchen

Everyone hold on to your hats, because I made something, and ADDED something to the recipe. I am turning into a baking rebel.

But for real, I know I am not a very adventurous baker. I usually stick to a recipe for the most part. I might use normal butter for unsalted butter, or light brown sugar for dark brown sugar, when I want to get crazy.

But I wanted to eat an orange, and I wanted to make cookies, so I decided to add some orange zest to these chocolate chip cookies. And they didn’t turn out to shabby. The zest added a nice freshness to it. Everyone at work seemed to eat them, so I would say that is success.

orange cookie 3 orange cookie 4We ate ours split in half, with an orange split in half, and some tea.


chocolate orange cookies

The 21st day of February calls for cookies. A new kind of cookie. An experiment.

To satisfy this requirement, I present the chocolate orange cookie. Which is really like 10% chocolate, 5% orange, and the rest is butter and sugar. Tasty little buggers, plus fun to make. I made mine mini sized, because we want cookies, but let’s not go crazy here.

orange cookie 1 orange cookies 2 orange cookies 3