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cookies in the freezer

We spent a lazy Sunday afternoon watching The Jinx and eating cookies. We had to watch all the episodes at once, so thank goodness I already had some slice and bake cookies in the freezer. All we had to do was heat up the oven, slice some dough, and 10 minutes later, shove cookies in our mouths.


We used a variation of this recipe, except walnuts and chocolate chips instead, and no coffee or nutella. We might make it a priority to always have some cookies ready in the freezer from now on.

mocha chip meringues

This was something completely new for me, which is always exciting, but also makes me a little nervous that I might mess up. The guy told me that he loves meringue cookies, so that didn’t put any pressure on me at all. ┬áSo after sweating away in the kitchen, the guy and I devoured a half dozen of these in one afternoon. Addictive little crunchy and fluffy buggers.

I used this recipe from Martha Stewart. I think next time I will try smoothing them out a little more on top, but I also kinda like the DQ swirls on top of them.

meringues meringues2

lemon poppyseed muffins

I am on an ongoing journey to find a muffin recipe that makes those big muffins with the big fat tops on them. I read somewhere that the secret was using yogurt, or something like that to give your muffin some oomph when its baking. I used a recipe similar to this, and added some lemon zest and poppy seeds.

One of the best parts of making muffins or cupcakes is putting the little cupcake liners in the pan. Instantly makes me feel like I am in the kitchen with my ma.poppyseed5

This batter is super thick. I imagine you could maybe put it in a loaf pan and make bread too.poppyseed4

The recipe said it makes 12 muffins. I checked multiple times. So I made only 12 (overflowing) muffins.poppyseed3

I skipped a glaze on top, since its mostly sugar, and we are trying to be a little healthy here.poppyseed2

And here is the huge muffin! Perfect for our Sunday brunch. I don’t think it is my perfect muffin recipe yet, but by george, it sure has a glorious top on it.poppyseed1

granola bars

It is quite a shame that not all treats are easy to mail. I wish I knew how to send a pie in the mail. It would be the best feeling to know that someone is going to get your pie in the mail at any minute.

I needed a treat to send to all my wedding peeps, but it needed to not be melty, and to hold up for a couple days while it flies across the country. I decided on granola bars. Because they are like the universally eaten treat.granolabar4

I used this recipe here. It was pretty easy. Basically you mix stuff together.granolabar3

At this point, you resist the urge to crumble it all up and keep it for yourself.granolabar2

Chop em up into bars. I got somewhere between 40-50 bars that seemed perfect sized.granolabar1

I ended up dipping them in chocolate. To be fancy.granolabar5

I would make these again any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Because people consume more granola on Sunday than other days. I would try making them with some dried fruit and coconut, or mini marshmallows and tiny chocolate chips. Or just tiny m&m’s mixed in. Or just plain.

peach crisp and vanilla ice cream

I usually stick with something apple-y for dessert on the Fourth, but I decided to try peaches this year. I really wanted peach pie at the wedding, but they weren’t in season there yet. So I have had a hankering ever since.

Our air conditioning decided not to work that day. I think it was making a point that it was a holiday. So I tried to get all my baking done in the morning before it got blazing hot. I managed to make a peach crisp and the ice cream base before noon. I called my ma to ask if it was ok that the ice cream never got fluffy enough, and she assured me that it will taste just fine. She is always right.

peachcrisp2 peachcrisp3 peachcrisp1