easter shortbread

I love shortbread. Its simple. Its good. And in our opinion, it tastes better when its a couple days old, so its the perfect make ahead cookie. I also love decorating them, since you have to get creative. Any utensil is fair game for making designs.

For the Easter version of shortbread, we made sheep, bunny, and tulip shapes. I LOVE the sheeps. SO FLUFFY.

eastershortbread3eastershortbread2 eastershortbread1

eat our feelings cookies

It was a rougher than average week over here. It may not always be the healthiest habit, but I think we fall in the eat our feelings category. We had to go re-stock our fridge, and while we had a very specific shopping list, somehow the white chocolate chips jumped into our cart. I mixed them up into some cookies with some pecans, and we ate a bunch of them warm from the oven. Can always count on cookies. (I also stuck a bunch of dough in the freezer, and you are welcome, future selves.)

late night cookies

pin to table

Today was a good pinterest day. A couple recipes to try soon: little bear cookies to kill you with cute, clustery granola, fancy bagels, and lick-your-fingers-for-days cinnamon buns. (photos/recipes found at respective links)

pintotable4 pintotable2pintotable1 pintotable3

sourdough/ week eight

This week’s bread was oatmeal bread. The recipe made two loaves, and we decided to make both, and give one away. Unfortunately, while in the dough proof, one loaf stuck really badly to some plastic wrap, and the dough deflated some after I tried to gently remove it. So we graciously gave away the round, attractive loaf, and kept its less attractive, but still tasty, twin for ourselves.


I would also like to add that this bread was ginormous. Together, the breads took up an entire sheet tray.

bread as big as your face

faux spring break

It’s always nice to spend a couple days back home. My vacation went by really fast, but we managed to make two kinds of pie, muffins, cake, cookies, crochet flowers, a doll, and some quilt pieces. We are pretty busy bees.

One of my very favorite things: my ma’s coffee cake.coffee cake

We were working to make these flowers into a garland. It will be adorable when its done.crochet flowers

sourdough/ week seven

This week we made sourdough English muffins! A little bit of change from the normal loaf we have been making. It was actually a little more arm work than the normal loaf though! It wanted 6 1/2 cups of flour and kneaded and rolled out! Great arm workout.

I used a little bit smaller biscuit cutter than recommended, and I ended up with one million muffins.englishmuffins1englishmuffins2

I opted to cook them in the oven. I’ll try it in a skillet next time though.englishmuffins3

Once they cooled down, I put a whole bunch in the freezer. No one person ever needs to eat 11 English muffins in one week, even though that would be delicious.englishmuffins4

sourdough/ week six

This week was date bread. Dates are one of those foods I always forget that I like, but then I start sampling them and I remember.

I went a tiny bit off recipe for this one. The recipe is for a two-pound loaf, and I wanted to try halfing it. I also wanted to sub in some whole wheat flour too. I suppose dates and pecans are kinda heavy, so if I wanted more rise, all normal flour would have been the way to go. But I don’t mind dense breads at all.date and pecan breadThe loaf turned out a little small in the bread pan, because it was only one pound, but it had a nice shape. It did turn out a little bit dense, but still soft. I was going to take a picture of our toast this morning for the after, but once they were toasted, I put some butter and cinnamon and sugar on it, and it was basically the best thing I’ve eaten in a week. Good thing I have another slice in the morning to look forward to.

sourdough/ week five

practice 1

This week’s loaf is the classic wheat. Delicious and nutritious. We’ve eaten it as toast mostly, but I have a panzanella recipe that I am hoping to try tonight!

I have also been reading this book, and I am right in the middle of the air section. Super nerding out on the history of grains and such. I’ve been keeping the starter in the fridge and feeding it every week, and it works perfectly fine, but I might try a little experiment. Just to see what it does, I’m gonna try keeping it a little warmer and feeding it more frequently. I know everyone is eagerly awaiting the results.wheatbread

treats and craftin’

Some recently made things around here: old-fashioned oatmeal cookies, a clock that will always tell the guy that its time to come home, m&m bars ready to be eaten, and a funny new animal.

recentlymade2 recentlymade3 recentlymade1 recentlymade4

sourdough/ week four

The next recipe in our sourdough cookbook was a peasant black bread, which it says is based on a Russian staple. The recipe said specifically not to leave out the coriander, but I am a rebel, and I did. Because I didn’t have any, and also because cilantro is yucky.

I decided to make two smaller loaves this time, instead of one large loaf. So I basically worried the entire time it was in the oven, since I wasn’t quite sure of the cooking time. But it sounded good and hollow around 40 minutes, and it turned out nice and crumby inside, so we will put this one in the success column. peasantbread2

Oh, the bread is not black you say? I am told by the internet that it may darken over time, so every morning’s toast will be a surprise!peasantbread1


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