longhorn nap time

This is a pillow for a little longhorn. One of our friend’s brought over a naked pillow. Her little guy uses it in the car, and it needed a cover. They are big Longhorn fans, so I added a big friendly face to some grey fleece, and sewed a simple pillow cover. Ready for lots of car napping, which I was excellent at when I was little.

longhorn pillow

that one time i actually participated in sxsw

The guy won some tickets to a SXSW concert, so we decided to take a little impromptu adventure into that craziness!

We went European and walked a couple blocks to the bus stop, and then rode the bus downtown. It was nice to get some walking in, and the weather was good for it too. It actually wasn’t overwhelmingly crazy downtown. We got to stand in the VIP line, because we were so important, so that probably helped a bit. I am not a tall person, so I sometimes get super overwhelmed in crowds. We had a really fun evening of people watching, music enjoying, and laser light shows!


I stole most of these photos from the guy’s insta-g. He was a most artistic and handsome photographer for our evening.

snow(?) day

This is the amount of snow substance that shuts the city down here. Here are some other snowstorm pictures from Austin. It was pretty chilly though, so I sweatered up and drank lots of tea.

Now today, the forecast is sunny and seventy, so we’ll have to say goodbye to the snow soon!snow day



my favorite breakfast date

This week we went to Blue Star Cafeteria. We drank our coffee, and I was jealous of his cheese grits. (But he’s the best so he shared with me.)

breakfastdate1 breakfastdate2

Lobster on a Saturday

This past Saturday we went and got dinner with Ross, but it wasn’t just any dinner. It was a lobster dinner at Quality Seafood to take advantage of their Saturday special and it was quite delicious. We got there right before the crowd so were lucky enough to not wait long and grab a table to eat our lobster and fried okra. We will definitely be going back because how many places do you get to go where you get to play with your food before you eat it? If you want a lobster close-up, check out the girl’s lobster saying hello!

2013-08-10 17.56.43

My lobster.

2013-08-10 18.12.44

A very excited Ross to be reunited with his Maine lobster.

2013-08-10 18.12.50

he’s my lobster

We ventured out into the heat over the weekend, and had ourselves a lobster dinner at Quality Seafood. We drive by it occasionally, so this time, we actually went inside. Seafood is delicious.lobster

You know that part from Friends? “Do the claws again.lobster3

A garden oasis

We have made a decision to use plants as decorations in our house mainly because we feel it makes our home feel more like a home and it’s fun to have lots of plants (big and small) placed in strategic locations around the house.

This past weekend we went to a garden oasis in Austin that the girl had heard about through the local Austin bloggers that she follows known as The Natural Gardener. Everyone had great things to say about it so we had to check it out for ourselves and we were not disappointed! They had every kind of plant imaginable – from huge outdoor plants to small indoor succulents. It was a pretty cool place and we will definitely be back soon as we start moving from decorating inside to outdoor landscaping….coming soon!

time for a sewing break

I put all these guys plus a whole bunch more into a big box together. I am sure they had a huge party. My shop is a little empty and lonely now, but I am looking forward to adding some new friends soon!

And if you are in Austin, you can find these little guys at the coffee/gift shop inside St. David’s near 8th and San Jacinto!

little a animals little a tags

our white whale

This was our white whale. South Congress Cafe. We have attempted to brunch there several times over the past couple months. Each time, the wait was 2 hours or more. Sometimes, if you wait 2 more hours to eat, it becomes a different meal by then.

But we finally did it! Only a 30 minute wait. I got the migas, and I don’t know what they did to them, but they were sooo good.


pool days

Its finally summer weather here in Austin. The all-encompassing heat has returned. I will miss the spring, and having to wonder if I needed a light jacket in the morning. From now on, I know that it will always be hot. But I am thankful for the sun, which I hope will give my skin enough color so I don’t blend in with my wedding dress.

poolday poolday2 poolday3


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