I was a stuffed animal making machine this week. A bunch of bright springy animals are off to new homes, and I get to take a little Easter break. Pretty soon it will be time to start on the summer animals!

stuffedanimals1 stuffedanimals2 stuffedanimals3 stuffedanimals4

new in the shop: bunnies and sheep

Some more spring stuffed animals! Lots of bunnies and sheep just in time to see all the flowers start to bloom. Find them in the shop!

minteasterbunny5 whitebunny3 bluesheep5 purplesheep4

new in the shop: yellow chick

The leaves have appeared on the trees overnight, so I think spring is finally here! I have been working up a storm on a million spring stuffed animals. You can find this little spring chicken in the shop now!


longhorn nap time

This is a pillow for a little longhorn. One of our friend’s brought over a naked pillow. Her little guy uses it in the car, and it needed a cover. They are big Longhorn fans, so I added a big friendly face to some grey fleece, and sewed a simple pillow cover. Ready for lots of car napping, which I was excellent at when I was little.

longhorn pillow

new in the shop: little lion

A yellow lion with a luscious grey mane is in the shop now! He has a fancy yellow and grey pattern on his back. They look like leaves to me, but the lion would probably be happier if they were antelopes or something. Maybe next time, buddy.

yellow lion little amaryllis 

new in the shop: guitar cards

For some reason lately, I feel like I could learn to play the guitar. I am pretty terrible at most musical things, so I could be completely wrong here. But I know you can get 1/2 sized guitars, which would be good for me. And I am fairly good at memorizing patterns, so I feel like it is something I could learn. I just think it would be fun to sit in the backyard in the evening and play the guitar (provided someone tunes it for me). So some of my proceeds from my shops will be going into my future guitar fund.

In honor of my recent google search history, a guitar card is new in the shop this week!guitar

new in the shop: flower jar tags

If I was still in wedding planning mode, I totally would make a bunch of these for favors or escort cards or something. They just look so happy. Find them in the shop now!


new in the shop: cows

A pair of cute cows are new in the shop this week! Farm animals are the best. I drew these out a few months ago, so I’m glad they could finally come to life. Really enjoy the black and white cow’s nose bling.


photo shoot

I set up to do a little photo shoot this morning, and decided to also try to take some of those artsy tool still-life photos for my shop pages. I did a bit of sprucing up on my Etsy About pages if you want to check them out here and here!

littleaabout1 sanderandryeabout1

new in the shop: moon and stars clock

I am really pleased with how this new idea turned out. The stars hanging down kill me. Find it here in the shop!moonclock


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