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About Chelsea

I am a small town girl. I came to Austin to study at The University of Texas, and a very handsome boy sat behind me in class. I love baking, sewing, watching movies, laughing, and willing my plants to grow.

garden update

We’ve had an unfortunate encounter with some bugs in the past couple days. We lost a couple melon plants, but I think we’ve saved at least one. I sat by the door all day yesterday waiting for the earth to arrive.

I’m still in awe that we grew this cucumber wall from seeds. They definitely don’t like the hot hot sun, but they get quite a bit of shade from trees. And you can see the cucumbers on that back fence trying to make a run for it.


We have two okra plants, and they have already grown a couple feet at least. They make okra like machines, but we still are figuring out how to eat them…


We had a problem with pepper plants earlier in the season, so I am relieved that these ones seem to be doing much better. We have had dozens of jalepeno peppers, and are starting to get some green peppers too. And the random rocks are for holding the soaker hose in place, we aren’t just lazy leaving rocks everywhere.


sourdough/ week thirteen

You know that cinnamon swirl bread with the raisins? I love that stuff. This is a little bit like a sourdough version of that. The dough has raisins and walnuts, then it is cinnamon-rolled up, and baked into bread.


The cinnamon-rolling process. I can’t resist a little taste of the cinnamon sugar.


In my head sometimes I’m like- this bread has to sit here for 30 minutes, so I might as well keep busy and make something else while I wait. Then all the sudden I am taking cookies out of the oven and trying to do 6 things at once while making a huge mess.


Can you see the swirl??



Have you ever tried to make ghee? Its basically a kind of clarified butter. You melt down butter, and take the milk solids out, so it makes a scoopable, super melty butter. A little bit like the butter in the tub, but better for you! We like to melt some in a skillet, and toast bread in it. Or make really toasty grilled cheeses.

We followed these directions here to make some. Try it and put it on some toast!


It does take a little while to make, so I usually catch up on some reading while its melting away.


things that caught my eye/ twenty one


1. Fun summer project- a travel picnic blanket. 2. I am a huge sucker for weddings in the wilderness. 3. Free pattern for some cute shorts. 4. Dingbat fonts are cool. 5. Backpack with places to go.

Our hopes for the weekend include pie, a hike, and maybe the play in the park. I also need to find something to make with sage. Our sage plant is out of control.

rocks and plants

I have a working theory that everything I plant half dies, then, in its own sweet time, comes back to life and decides to grow. I am sure the crazy weather doesn’t help. If you left me outside in this, I would have to carefully consider coming back to life too. But I am happy to see our rock garden is finally starting to fill in a little bit. I also added that cactus in the pot for another layer, and he is just as happy as a clam there.