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About Chelsea

I am a small town girl. I came to Austin to study at The University of Texas, and a very handsome boy sat behind me in class. I love baking, sewing, watching movies, laughing, and willing my plants to grow.

the county fair

There is just something about the little county fair in my hometown. I love going back. Its all summertime and freedom, and high school kids walking around like they own the place. And then they grow up and have babies, and complain about what the new high school kids are wearing these days. Its the perfect cycle.

We took a little one to the parade who is just learning to wave, so naturally, we got all the candy. If you want sidewalk candy, take a toddler.


We always browse the fair entries. I like looking at the comments on the canned goods and jams. Because I am an old person inside.


Its fun to look in the animal barns. The kids are always sweeping, and the cages are decorated with signs and ribbons. Its nice to remember that there are farm animals that are treated with love and care.

countyfair3 countyfair4

This is an elephant ear. The only dessert you ever need at the fair. So messy, but so worth it.


garden harvests

The hardest part of having a garden right now is watching them get sooo hot during the afternoon. I read that we aren’t supposed to water when the sun is up, since it could burn the plant, so I just have to give them pep talks instead. Thankfully, most of them perk back up in the evening.

Our spinach plant had a little trouble at the beginning of the season, but now its climbing circles around a tomato cage. harvests2

I know some people have cute garden baskets, but we always opt for the classic shirt basket. Those pear tomatoes are my fav summer snack.harvests


We finally made it out to see the play in the park. It was a million and one degrees, but luckily we got there early enough to set our blanket on the more shady side. We met some friends, had ourselves a little dinner in the grass, and sweat it out with all the other crazy people. Its amazing what some people pulled out of their picnic baskets. The people watching was worth the price of admission.

oklahomaplay2 oklahomaplay3 oklahomaplay1

making pickles

We had a few bigger cucumbers from the garden, so we decided to make a small batch of pickles. I also recently acquired a crinkle cutter, and I really wanted to try it out on some pickle chips.


This was also one of those- well, the cookies are baking in the oven, so I might as well make myself useful- moments. So I probably washed my hands 800 times while switching from cutting garlic to rolling cookie dough.

I loosely followed a recipe, but I didn’t have quite the right type of spices. And since there were cookies in the oven, I just used a mixture of what we had. Peppercorns, mustard seeds, hot pepper flakes, and dill weed.


We ended up with two little jars of pickle chips. We waited a couple days, then ate one whole jar with pulled pork sandwiches. And then we did the same thing the next day. Now we are saving up our cucumbers for the next batch!