Monthly Archives: November 2012

Cool new iPad app

I found a new iPad app to test editing photos with over the holidays. For anyone who knows me, I am not a photoshop savvy kind of guy (which is why the girl is much more skilled in that arena!) and so that is why when I found this app I thought I would give it the ol’ college try and I think I did ok! Just don’t look too closely at the yellow crumbs.

I used a simple picture of the birthday cake I made for the girl this past week. Overall it’s a pretty cool app that I’ll be trying on some other pictures later so stay tuned…





little turkeys

Pre-Thanksgiving preparations at our house include baking cookies. The turkey cookie cutter waits all year for this moment to shine.

Instead of doing different colors of frosting for the turkey tail, we smashed some candy corns flat, and used them as tail feather decoration. What beautiful little turkeys. Happy Thanksgiving!