new in the shop: brown porcupine

Sending off little bits of love. (new in the Little Amaryllis shop)

who let the foxes out?

Foxface would also be totally in style right now. (Shirt, scarf, and diy shoes)

pie time?

I have been craving pie lately. Good homemade pie. But I have decided to not eat much sugar this week, so maybe pie time will come next week. (photo from hello giggles)


almost too pretty

How beautiful are these plates?! I wouldn’t eat anything but baked goods off of them. (found here)


fall leaves and cupcakes

The other day, it was rainy and almost cold. Which must mean that fall is coming soon. How do you celebrate the approaching boots and sweater weather? We made cupcakes with colorful leaf sprinkles.

embroidery practice

I really want to be good at embroidery. So I have been practicing on what I am calling a fabric art piece. I am pretty excited about how it will turn out. I am also pretty stoked to be an awesome embroidering grandma someday.

new in the shop: yellow beaver

Toasting up a nice, warm marshmallow for you. (new in the Little Amaryllis shop)


homemade pop tarts

Things just taste better when they are made with love. If you buy pop tarts at the store, sure, they taste like pure sugar, but you sure don’t taste any love in them. So even though it would take less time and energy to simply buy pop tarts at the store, there is much more joy in creating them with your own hands.

I found the recipe for homemade pop tarts here. I made ours with whole wheat flour, and with fillings of jam, cinnamon sugar, or chocolate.

sending away some bits of love

It is always hard for me to mail off the little treasures that I make. It is like sending away little pieces of my heart. I seriously have a mild anxiety attack right before I put them in the mail.

wake up early: make banana bread and bulletin boards

I love mornings. The day is full of possibilities and so much time. The world is still quiet. And for some reason, waking up early on the weekends is way easier than waking up early during the week, probably because of the option of napping at 10am exists.

So I made some banana bread for breakfast. Nothing smells better than baked goods fresh from the oven.

While the bread was cooking, I decided to make some fabric covered bulletin boards. Super easy. Just cut out fabric, warm up the hot glue gun, and put those suckers together. Then we stared at our love notes while we ate warm banana bread.


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