things that caught my eye/ twenty-nine


1. A list of beautiful illustrated children’s books. 2. I would wear that outfit everyday. 3. You must look at the rest of these granny square outfits. I’ve been working on a top secret crochet project, but it is nothing like those. 4. Cute fall spritz cookies! 5. Crochet and leather purse you could whip up in no time.

Its already the last weekend in September! Our front yard is enjoying what we are calling second spring. You can see all the new growth and flowers coming out. It finally dried off enough to mow the grass yesterday, and we hope to start a little backyard landscaping soon. Sage bushes everywhere!

birthday treats

I like to show my love with baked goods. For our first birthday weekend of the season, we started with some fluffy biscuits for breakfast.


Next, we had some chocolate chip cookies for snacking.


And then we had our showstopper, a yellow cake with chocolate frosting.


And now we need to stock up on Halloween candy.