guy’s fall wardrobe

I am eternally grateful that Jon has great style. I never worry about him dressing himself. Over the past couple years, he has managed to phase out most of his older, college frat-guy clothes, and replace them with very classic pieces that he can mix and match and always look put-together.

We usually go through our clothes every season and rotate/donate as necessary, but since everyone is doing these fall wardrobes recently, we thought it would be fun to do a guy version. So here is Jon’s fall wardrobe. It is 40 pieces total, including his shoes and accessories. Here is a snapshot, but you can click through the post to see all the choices!


It was pretty fun watching him carefully choose his wardrobe!

Click for rest of post and all the clothes details…

things that caught my eye/ twenty-seven


The “hoping for cooler weather” edition. 1. Wouldn’t these be the perfect breakfast treat on a cloudy morning? 2. I love that braids can be messy and put-together at the same time. 3. Gorgeous hat to make. Couldn’t even begin to imagine how to make that twisted looking part. 4. I’m thinking that I could make a version of this shirt, once I find the right fabric and learn how to make the piping part. 5. How does a short sleeve sweatshirt look so classy?

How was your week? I felt like I got a lot done, and I was even able to garden a little one morning. We don’t have much planned out for the weekend, but we always manage to think of something!

detectives and doctors

What have you been watching? We watched all the seasons of Bored to Death. It has some amazing opening credits, and we still get a kick out of quoting the characters. Then I ran across the very short series, A Young Doctor’s Notebook, which is a super dark comedy and pretty bloody, but we loved it. Harry Potter and Jon Hamm get in fights and its the best. Have you found any gems lately?

tvshows4 tvshows3

making breakfast tacos

We’ve been playing with the new Hyperlapse app, and made this video of our breakfast tacos. We also had a great time making a video for my sister’s birthday. The app is very forgiving with scene changes, and makes everything look like its going smoothly, as opposed to tripping and dropping stuff. If you like videos, but have a hard time with editing, we would recommend giving it a try!