sourdough/ week thirteen

You know that cinnamon swirl bread with the raisins? I love that stuff. This is a little bit like a sourdough version of that. The dough has raisins and walnuts, then it is cinnamon-rolled up, and baked into bread.


The cinnamon-rolling process. I can’t resist a little taste of the cinnamon sugar.


In my head sometimes I’m like- this bread has to sit here for 30 minutes, so I might as well keep busy and make something else while I wait. Then all the sudden I am taking cookies out of the oven and trying to do 6 things at once while making a huge mess.


Can you see the swirl??



Have you ever tried to make ghee? Its basically a kind of clarified butter. You melt down butter, and take the milk solids out, so it makes a scoopable, super melty butter. A little bit like the butter in the tub, but better for you! We like to melt some in a skillet, and toast bread in it. Or make really toasty grilled cheeses.

We followed these directions here to make some. Try it and put it on some toast!


It does take a little while to make, so I usually catch up on some reading while its melting away.


things that caught my eye/ twenty one


1. Fun summer project- a travel picnic blanket. 2. I am a huge sucker for weddings in the wilderness. 3. Free pattern for some cute shorts. 4. Dingbat fonts are cool. 5. Backpack with places to go.

Our hopes for the weekend include pie, a hike, and maybe the play in the park. I also need to find something to make with sage. Our sage plant is out of control.

Orange is the New Bark: A great project by great people

I work with a number of great people at my job and Kathy Horn is one of them. Not only is she a top notch creative director but she and her husband worked on this great project that inspires folks to adopt pets from places like the Austin Humane Society.

I am a dog lover (in case you can’t tell by the pictures of my dog Marley here) and I think this is such a great idea to not only find a fun way to get people to adopt a pet that needs a home but also provides other organizations the ability to create similar videos for their own animals!

If you’d like to learn more about their project, you can visit their site Orange is the New Bark or check out their Facebook page to see some of the latest videos that are being created. And for your viewing pleasure, a parody video that can also be found on their site.