rocks and plants

I have a working theory that everything I plant half dies, then, in its own sweet time, comes back to life and decides to grow. I am sure the crazy weather doesn’t help. If you left me outside in this, I would have to carefully consider coming back to life too. But I am happy to see our rock garden is finally starting to fill in a little bit. I also added that cactus in the pot for another layer, and he is just as happy as a clam there.


Beach-iversary Part 2

July has been a great month for the girl and I. One of the best parts was a beach-iversary that we took over a long 4th of July weekend. We did everything from eat ice cream twice a day to morning walks on the beach to hunt for sand dollars. Oh, and the girl made some amazing apple pie and cookies with her ma. It was epic.

brioche bread

One of our favorite dinners is bread and cheese. Now that we are planning a hypothetical backpacking trip, and going for daily runs to get in proper shape, its like we have to carb load to make it through the day.

I tried something new this week. Brioche, which is fancy, buttery bread. I used this recipe, but I ended up using almost 2 cups of flour. FYI just in case you want to try it! It made one perfect, golden loaf of bread.

brioche3brioche2 brioche1

Gigantic cucumber

One of the best parts about our backyard urban farm is harvesting the vegetables of our labors. The other day we were out checking on the crops and we found this HUGE cucumber that had been hiding from us for what must have been weeks. Luckily we found it in time and now we just have to decide if we’re going to eat him in a salad or turn it into gigantic pickles with the new crinkle cut chopper that the girl got recently.

things that caught my eye/ twenty


1. Such a pretty quilt. 2. Looks like something I could eat a lot of. 3. Not the coolest cooler, but still pretty cool. 4. Let’s watercolor paint pictures of our gardens this weekend. 5. Pretty diy leaf hair tie.

Its our first unplanned whole weekend at home in a while! We are going to clean off the grill and cook food with fire.  Hope you have a relaxing one!

the basil of baker st hospital

For the sick and needy basil of today, so that they may become productive pesto of the future.

I transplanted these pitiful looking guys into the ground near our back porch. They were doing just fine in some box planters all spring, but all the sudden looked like they no longer wanted to live. So I stuck them in the ground, and told them to think again.


And this is just a couple days after.


So. There’s that.